Capturing the colors of life


Originally from the Great Lake state of Michigan, Amanda took the leap across Lake Michigan several years ago to the Twin Cities, but now calls Los Angeles home.  She graduated from The Art Institutes International Minnesota with a B.S. in Design Management concentrating in Digital Video and Film Production.

Why filmmaking?

Filmmaking for me is about exposing others to a world outside of our own regardless the topic and whether it is unknown or familiar to us.  It is about revealing the emotions we feel on a daily basis and the little stories in our lives that have influence us to become the person we are today.  It is also about taking yourself out of your own reality and being able to explore the reality of another.  Thus filmmaking has given me a channel to take these little stories and share it with the world.

If I had to describe my filmmaking with one word, it would be simplicity.  I enjoy observing others and finding their quirks and intimate details.  I also take pleasure in exploring relationships and the inner workings behind the connections that people share.  I take those quirks, details, and relationships and create a simple yet intriguing story from it.  I think it is essential to show an audience the human soul and how similar one can be from another.

Being a Hmong American female, I want to be able to give others a different perspective to look through.  I find that often times Asian Americans are portrayed in the media under the same light, image, and perspective.  I want to break that mold and give the opportunity for others to see that all stories share common traits or themes and that the stories or characters are not so different from our own self and our own stories.