267 and counting…

Happy New Year folks!

It’s officially been 267 days since I’ve moved to LA and boy, it has been quite the adventure. I moved out to LA, like so many others, so I could be able to work and live in this crazy, strange, and exciting place called Hollywood. There has been some major adjustments like NO SNOW during winter (I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get over that) but in all seriousness, I’ve been so fortunate. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing sets and meet wonderful folks and this is only the beginning. Every new year brings hope, new dreams, and resolutions, and 2016 is no different; I hope that I will continue to live each day as I am on an adventure. I dream that this adventure will take me to sky where there are no limits. And lastly, I will do a better job of documenting it – I say it every year, but I WILL begin to write more and share my thoughts and what’s happening – because what’s the fun in an adventure if I can’t share it with others.

Remember folks, there are no wrong turns just sometimes a longer route to get where we want to be.

Until next time – stay safe, love, and be free!

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